Observing Silence is an ongoing performance work which utilises voice recordings quoting selected instances of silence appropriated from works of fiction. Read aloud by anonymous participants, extracts are pre-recorded,  and for each performance played and alternately followed by two minutes of contemplative silence. Throughout each performance I am observed by the audience; standing, wearing my best suit, microphone in one hand, my (blank) notes in the other. I am about to speak, but I do not. In turn, I observe the audience. Performances last approximately 20 minutes, and consist of 6 extracts/voices and silences.

The project has been expanded to include an ongoing blog; a compendium of silence.

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Observing Silence was premiered in two different solo performances at FREE SCHOOL. LECTURE HALL. hosted by Five Years & Ladies of the Press at Bethnal Green Library, London, in June 2010.

A third performance made in collaboration with poet Mark Anthony Pearce, who read his selected works aloud in a continuous monologue in tandem of repeat performances of mine. This work lasted approximately 1 hour.

I’ve also written a critical essay, published by Five Years as part of So Much For Free School. Etc, A Draft Publication which reflects on both my performance and ideas of silence. This can be downloaded as part of a pdf periodical at:


Observing Silence (2010-)